Barcelona is cradled in the North Eastern Mediterranean coast of mainland Spain, about 2 hour’s drive South from the French Pyrenees. It's the capital of Catalonia, a region of Northern Spain that has its own unique culture, traditions and personality.

Flights to Barcelona

Barcelona as a city is one of a kind. Few European cities can offer you the wide diversity of cultural experience that you'll find in Barcelona.

Many great painters and artists worked here at some time and their influence is still evident throughout the city. Two of which are Picasso and Miró who have museums dedicated to some of their more important works. There are also dozens of other museums and art galleries dotted all around the city so you'll always have plenty of art to experience whilst here. 

Also enjoy the luxury of a 4.2 km of beach only a short walk from the city centre, warm sunshine most of the year and you have all the makings of a complete holiday in Spain.