The most visited tourist destination in the world, with over 45 million visitors annually, on all levels – historical, architectural, and cultural – there is something about the City of Lights that will fascinate you.

Flights to Paris

A week, a month, a year isn't long enough to uncover all of Paris' treasures and you could spend a lifetime trying to pinpoint the subtle differences between the Right and Left Bank. But it would be a lifetime well spent. This city is populated by people, architecture, restaurants and nightlife that will seduce you and make you never want to leave.

As the capital of France, Paris' transport system is clean, efficient and most importantly cheap. Other parts of the country are accessible from Paris in only a few hours, which makes for a large choice of day trips should you feel the need to escape the city. The Palais de Versailles and the Loire Valley are a must-see to truly understand Paris' decadent past whilst Disneyland Paris will entertain adults and children alike.